Brian Abrahams
Owen Ashley
Clive Badenhorst
Rory Beamish
Leslie Beck
Trevor Blewett
Brian Brown
Alec Cassarchis
Barrie Clarkson
Johan de Jong

Clive Downton
Richard Dryden
Michael Farquahson
Charles Foord
David Geffen
Chris Haylett
John Hill
Tony Hoenson
Robert Hoets
Trevor Klette
Peter Korck
Chris Krige
Jeff Leeuwenburg
Barry Lloyd
Roderick Lumb
David McGahey

Robbie Meyer
Gus Mitchell
David Munro
Hugh Murray
Keith Perry
Geoff Pocock

Sandy Rossiter
Kenny Schloss
Chris Schrooder
Peter Seymour
John Simon
Eric Smith
Mark Swift
Ronald Thomas
Johan van Schoor
Nigel Bruce Walker
Graham Wittridge

Navigation: Shown are “thumbnails” for each picture.  Click on any photograph to get a full-size view.  In full-size view, see directional arrows –>  <– to keep scrolling left or right through the available photos.

The initial load of photographs below was taken from submissions to Neil Veitch’s book In A Class Of Our Own to celebrate our 50th high school reunion in 2013.  If you are so inclined and wish to submit more recent photograph(s), or one of your wife or partner (with the two of you in one picture or separate—your choice), or photographs of your children and/or grandchildren, please feel free to email them to  High-resolution head and shoulder pictures in color are preferred.  Please add names for identification.  Comments about this webpage are welcome.  We will make this a happy family display of our RBHS E63 class.  Anyone wishing to change editorial comments, feel free to email me your choice of wording or to add any wording that you would like to see under your name.  If you wish to see a current title such as Dr./Prof./Lord/Mr., let me know and I will add it. 

Photographs are sorted alphabetically by surname/last name.  The exception to the rule is my (John Barry) entry to show a template of what is possible. 

John and Linda Barry

Barry family, Left to right, top to bottom: John Barry and granddaughter Isabel (twin), Linda (wife) and Olivia (twin), Robyn (daughter), Darin (son-in-law), and identical twins Olivia and Isabel (10).  John with the 4 granddaughters, son Sean, and his daughters Addison (11), and Audrey (8), Addy and Audrey again.  Ages of the granddaughters accurate in October 2017.

Please see my RBPS/RBHS  In A Class Of Our Own and school post here: IACOOO

Mike and Heather Allen


Donald and Sandra Andrew

Donald, Sandra, schoolboy Donald, Donald on his tricycle.  Who can you identify in the group scrambling out the RBPS arch?  The figure on the far right looks like Peter Hodes and next to him is definitely the late Johan van Schoor.  Continuing right to left is the late Alec Cassarchis, I believe.  Not sure who that is close behind me.  Far left looks like, maybe, Malcolm Farquharson?  Often think about the photogravure Saturday morning page in the Cape Times.  The Four Seasons—school play.  In June 1954 when I was 8 years old in Standard One at RBPS, a lighthearted series of photos of me winding my way home from school was published in the Cape Times Weekend Magazine.  There is a steep hill on Keurboom Road as it goes down from Camp Ground Road to the Black River (which runs through the high school) where the photo of me leaning over the bridge was taken.  Photo of me finally arriving home from school.  In the summer holidays, my mother used to run the Cape Times Fresh Air Camp at Froggy Pond beyond Simonstown.  This is a photo of her leading a line of children and counselors up from Windmill Beach with me right behind her at about age 5, about a year before I started at RBPS in Sub A in 1952 at age 6. 


Alfred (Alf) Baguley

The Admirable Crichton 1962 production, left to right: Clive Downton, Susan Rowe, ???, Jan Rozwadowski, Alfred Baguely, Johnny Kipps, Gail Ashburner, Peter Barrett, Cheryl Clarke, Brian Clarke, Tessa Anderson (Kennedy), Ferdi Fischer, John Gibson, ???

Alfred Baguley and Carol Martin (Evan’s daughter) sharing an intimate moment.

Matric Dance, left to right: Renee Logie, Alfred Baguley, Diane Jack, Roy Schreiber, Neil Kritzinger, Marlene Drucker, Lindsay Kennedy, Tessa Anderson (Kennedy), Lord Richard Risby (Spring), Lorna Martin, Judith Watson, David Price

An autographed photograph of a youthful Mr. Billy Trengove (age 35) given to Alf Baguley after the production of The Admirable Crichton


Peter and Bilqees Baker


Peter Barrett

Admirable Crighton: Clive Downton, Susan Rowe,  ?   , Jan Rozwadowski, Alf Baguelly, Johnny Kipps, Gail Ashburner, Peter Barrett, Cheryl Clarke,  Clarke, Tessa Anderson, Ferdi Fischer, John Gibson,  ?  .

Princess Ju-Ju.  Front Row: Alan Everson,  David Sonneberg ,    ?    , Michael Stevens, David Taylor, Clive Downton, Robbie Meyer, Roy McCallum. Middle Row: Anthony Hillier, Robert Hoets, Christopher Newall,  Farqhuarson, John Hill, Adrian Brinkworth, Back Row; Peter Barrett,  Jack Penfold, John Barry, Allan Musker

The Four SeasonsFront Row: Paul Duminy, Alex Cohen, Peter Hodes, Robbie Meyer, Johan van Schoor, Eric Smith.  Middle Row: Hugh Hodge, Roderick Lumb, Alex Cassarcis, Stephen Buchner, Donald Andrew, Robbie Thomas, Anthony Hillier, Kevin Richter, Hollman???  Back Row: Peter Barrett, Nicky Diemont, John le Roux, Trevor Blewitt, Robert Hoets, Adrian Low, Derek van den Berg, Keith Perry, Johnny Kipps.

RBPS Under 12 A. Front Row:  Neil Robertson,  Allan Musker. Seated: Richard Morris, Mike Taylor, Derek van den Berg, Mr. S Robinson,  Douglas Crisp, Royden Wood, Roy McCallum. Standing: Peter Barrett, Sakkie de Villiers, David Finlayson, Lindsay Kennedy, Antony Davidson, Kevin Richter, Fred Versveld


Whitey Basson

Learn more about Whitey by clicking here


Leon and Lainey Boonzaier


Steve Buchner

With Mr. Charlie Hallack


Ian and Ronnie Crawford


Alex (Morris) Cohen

 Jeremy Day

Louis and Denise de Kock

Theo and Ille de Rijk


Mike and Carol Denoon-Stevens


Nick and Hilly Diemont


Clive Downton


Geoff Duckitt


Bruce Ferguson


Ferdi Fischer

Ferdi and daughter Saskia

Read about Ferdi’s trip to Patagonia here:


Peter Flint

Peter with Elvis and Sheba, and a 5-year old Peter

Richard Frantz

Last day of school photograph, left to right: Jan Rozwadowski, Theo de Rijk, Lawrence Evans, Richard Frantz, Christopher Matchett, and Paul Duminy


Brian and Cecile Fraser


Martin and Linky Furman

Martin with their 10 grandchildren


Cedric Gilmour


Peter and Carolyn Goble

To read more about the story Peter wrote to his grandchildren, click here: 

Roy and Ilse Gordon


John Hill

John thought that the reaction to Helen Zille’s tweets about colonialism resulted from a lack of understanding.  This addresses some of the Zille background from her trip to Singapore.  Read more here.

John’s response to Helen Zille fiasco was to write an educational article on colonialism.  Read his article here  

Anthony (Tony) and Ann Hillier


Peter and Helen Hodes

In 2010 I successfully fulfilled a goal of taking a photograph of a different person every day of the year—it might have been a friend, a client, the fishmonger, a stranger on the bus, the check-out lady at Sainsbury.  So the picture of me—taken, of course by lovely Helene, is a mosaic of those 365 images—people!


Hugh Hodge

Waiters at Matric dance 1962: Hugh Hodge, Lord Richard (Spring) Risby, M Sheppard, Peter Scholte, R Schreiber, B Buyskes, Piet Schroeder, Barry Price, Peter Barrett, Miss Denning, Cedric Gilmour, Bruce McLagan, Trevor Klette.


Leon and Marian Hurwitz


Andrew Joubert

E1A ClassBack: Ferdi Fischer, Achim Lenssen, Richard Frantz, Jean Rozwadowski, Brian Fraser, Chris Matchett, and Theo De Rijk, Middle: Paul Duminy, Lawrence Evans, Peter Gibb, Kai Albrecht, Johnny Kipps, and Chris Newell, Front: David Geffen, Andrew Joubert, Derek van den Berg, Mr Herbie Helm, Nick Diemont, Jack Penfold, and Stephen Buchner

U16C Back: de Wet, Geffen, Basson, Meyer, Frantz, Cohen, Middle: Matchett, Ferguson, Joubert, Garrish, Payne, Buyskes, Front: Downton, Hodge, Watson, Tuchten, Russel


Lindsay and Tessa Kennedy


Johnny and Juliet Kipps

Senior Cross-Country Team 1962, Back: Daly, van den Berg, Hodge, Paul, Scholte, Mathews, Levinson, Middle: Swift, Klosser, Schrooder, Kipps, Kennedy, Jones, Duckitt, Patric, McCallum, Front: Prof Tinkie Heyns, Brice, Penfold, McLean, de Wet, Kritzinger, de Jongh, Mr. Tickie de Jager

Miss Erina Duminy: Bruce Ferguson, Johnny Kipps, Lindsay Holliman, Peter Korck, anon? and Jack Garlick.

Admirable Creighton: Clive Downton, Ferdie Fischer, Alf Baguley, Carol Martin, Carol Laubscher, Micky Kilpin, Lord Richard (Spring) Risby, Tessa Kennedy, John Gibson, Peter Barratt, Johnny Kipps, Hester Malan, Sue Rowe, Jan Rozwadowski, David Price, Gail Ashburner, (George Voight possibly?), Anne Lawrie, Andrew Joubert, Cheryl Clarke

Princess Ju-Ju.  Front Row: Alan Everson,  David Sonneberg ,    ?    , Michael Stevens, David Taylor, Clive Downton, Robbie Meyer, Roy McCallum. Middle Row: Anthony Hillier, Robert Hoets, Christopher Newall,  Farqhuarson, John Hill, Adrian Brinkworth, Back Row; Peter Barrett,  Jack Penfold, John Barry, Allan Musker


Neil Kritzinger


Leslie Lang


John and Mosa Le Roux

Jeff Leeuwenburg

Jeff passed away on 8 November 2020.  After living with Parkinson’s for a long time, he had two falls and did not recover from the second.  He was upbeat and brave to the very end, and we were lucky to get the month at home, with a few warm evenings out in the garden and a trip down to the beach near our house.  He was amazing right to the end – positive, optimistic, and strong.  Roy Gordon attended the funeral on 18 November 2020, and it was wonderful to have him there as they had known each other for such a long time, across two countries. Rina Leeuwenburg

Joachim (Archim) and Ursi Lenssen


Barry and Anne Lloyd


Peter Loveland


Adrian and Gail Low

My lovely wife Gail died peacefully on November 20, 2017, after being diagnosed with lung cancer in January 2017. We spent the time before her death retracing our most beloved holiday destinations worldwide until Gail became very poorly in the last 2 weeks before her death. March 13, 2018, would have been her 69 birthday. Fortunately, I spent 44 fantastic years with her and she bore me 4 fabulous children all of whom are doing well.


Roy and Heather McCallum


Jimmy and Linda McDermott


Tony and Pam Monk


Richard and Nici Morris


Johann Mostert


Chris Mundy


David (Dave) and Pat Munro


Alan Musker


Ian Newall 

Ian with Alf Baguley


Chris Newell


Peter Parkin 

Peter and his fight for justice


Keith and Lynne Payne


Nick and Margot Penstone

Nick with daughter Nikki, son-in-law, grandchild, and brother Martin


John Quy


Lord Richard Risby (Spring)


Sandy and Shirley Rossiter


Jan Rozwadowski


Peter and Bridget Scholte

Roy Schreiber and Peter


Gordon and Lynne Slabbert


Gavin and Gilda (Gil) Stanton

Gil with a Lemur


Chris Steyn

Mr. Charlie Hallack 1963


David and Margaret Taylor

David’s Jess and Ross


Michael (Mike) Taylor

Break at RBHS circe 1960: Newell, Frantz, Gibb, Le Roux, Joubert, Taylor, Mundy, De Rijk, Kipps, van den Berg

Newlands rugby match circa 1959: Derek van den Berg (cap), Christopher Mundy (hat), John Le Roux, Hennie Mostert (standing)

Derek and Lyn van den Berg


Neil Veitch and Helen Ziegenhardt


George and Christine Voight


Johan Walters


Eric and Gail Wells

Young (U15C) Back: Morris, Swart, Duckitt, Versveld, Owen Fletcher, Clive Downton, Chris Buyskes, Mark Swift, Center: Block, Russel, Eric Wells, Jeff Leeuwenburg, Tony Monk, Sapieka, Barber, Front: Richard Frantz, Chris Matchett, John Barry, Clive Young, Johan Walters, David Cohen

Billy’s 90th birthday picture, Left to Right: Neil Veitch, Lindsay Kennedy, Mr. Billy Trengove, David Taylor.

First Hockey Team, Back Row: Alex Cassarcis, Lawrence Payne, Rory Beamish, Mr. Baard, John Boonzaier, A Clark, ??? Front Row: Bruce Ferguson, Jack Penfold, Eric Wells, ? McIntosch, Duthie(?)

Sam and Christine Wiggett